The decision to sell your home is the first step.  The next step is to maximize your opportunity to obtain the best price for your home. The best sales results occur when you showcase your home in the most dramatic way possible. Following these helpful suggestions, to create the most inviting first experience for buyers, will help you realize your goals and achieve the desired results.

  • Curb Appeal draws prospective buyers to your home.  First impressions of your home occur before the front door opens.   Making sure the exterior of your home is neat and clean is the first step. Hire a professional landscaping company to trim the grass, weeds, hedges, bushes and trees. Consider adding flowers and replacing plants. Well positioned and stylish flowerpots and planters add freshness to the exterior, as well as serve to update the landscaping and patio areas.  Consider updating exterior lights, the mailbox and even repainting the front door.  Buy a fresh and neutral outdoor mat that looks good with your front door.Painting the interior of your home will make it more current.  Pick neutral paint colors.  Replacing light fixtures, wall plates, and cabinet hardware is a quick and affordable way to update the interior.Clean your home.  Keeping your home clean (sight and smell) is extremely important.  The first thing a buyer experiences when entering your home is smell…open windows, use air fresheners and candles.  You can also bake cookies to create an environment that makes the buyer feel at home. The kitchen and bathrooms should always be impeccably clean, no exceptions! Dirty kitchens and bathrooms are turn offs for potential buyers.De-clutter and depersonalize your home.  A home looks larger if excess furniture and miscellaneous decorations are removed. Personal items should also be removed. This helps prospective buyers envision themselves in the home and create a neutral environment that doesn’t distract the potential buyer.

    Clean your home. Always make sure beds are made and household items are stowed in their proper place (out of sight).  Kitchen counters should be free of all clutter.  The stove, ovens, refrigerator and kitchen sink should be spotless. Hang clean fresh towels in the bathroom (white is usually best).  Clean bath mats and rugs should be placed on the bathroom floor (white is usually best).  Remove items from the shower.

    Bugs and Pests can scare potential buyers.  Hire an exterminator to be certain all pests are eliminated from your home.

    Remove your pets and their items on days your house is to be shown.

    Staging your home will optimize the best features of your home while minimizing odd spaces.  Staging will help create a current and cohesive look in your home.

    Availability is also key to selling your home.  Be prepared to show your home at anytime.

    Create a personalized ‘Home Bio’ for potential buyers focusing on the benefits of your home and neighborhood.  Be the home a buyer remembers.

    Keep in mind that buyers are usually looking at as many as ten homes at a time.  It is very easy to forget the features of a home when looking at multiple properties.  Your goal is to create a lasting impression.



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