Real Estate Property Management LLC is built on the experience of successful people who love investing in Real Estate. We recognize people have different needs and strive to provide information and solutions to our Owners and our Tenants so informed decisions can be made. We aim to bring peace of mind to our owners by showing their property is being actively managed by professionals who care about their investment. We educate and provide the services to our tenants so their needs are met allowing for a long enjoyable stay with us. We look forward to serving our owners and providing added value to your properties.

Owner Bio

I remember when I was young helping my grandmother do maintenance on her rental properties. The lessons she taught me about being fair and honest with Owners and Tenants have always been the beacon I have followed and have proven time and time again to be the right path. Now as an adult I didn’t take the strait road to property management.

I started in construction and worked my way up to General Contractor. There is a grand satisfaction when you complete the build of a custom home and fulfilling the dream of the owner you just built for. It is a great accomplishment.

The real estate crash of 2008 proved difficult to navigate, however, when one door closes another one opens. Landing a job as a Firefighter Paramedic was the open door my family needed. What an amazing opportunity to serve family’s in their time of need. The appreciation and respect for people learned through service is an experience I am deeply grateful for.

During this time serving, I began pursuing real estate investments and growing my portfolio. With a background in constriction and finding investors that were at the top of their game, flipping homes was the next natural fit. I have been involved in over 400 residential flips since 2013.

Thankfully being surrounded by very smart people who helped guide and educate me in many ways to invest in real estate, the growth of my portfolio of properties happened. The value and experience I had were recognized by my peers who started to ask if I would manage their properties as well.

With a background in construction, investing, and a love and understanding for people I was able to come back full circle to where it all began when I was 8 years old. Serving owners and tenants managing properties.

– Stoney White