It Snowed in Mesa Arizona!


So today’s a special day in Arizona because it’s actually snowing… (at the time of this recording)

So I got a picture today from a good friend of mine. He’s a “Happy Monday” watcher and he took a picture of himself this morning and I want to compare his picture to what is going on right now in Mesa AZ.

It only happens, like- once every 10 years… but when it does, it’s cold and it’s awesome!

As you can see, there is snow on the grass, there is slush on the back patio, I don’t know if you can see the flurries in the video, or if you can see the snow on the roof, but I’m going to see if I can catch some of these flakes in my hand. It’s actually snowing!


I’ll walk out here to see if I can actually make a snowball… I totally can!

Look at that snow, in Mesa, Arizona. I hope that you can see it, there’s SNOW!

It really was special for me this morning when someone who get our obnoxious “Happy Monday” emails actually emailed me back with his own Happy Monday picture this morning. It meant a lot to me! It made my day, it genuinely did! It let me know that at least one person in this world is a little bit happier today, and it’s a Monday.

So thank you for sending that picture to me, I know that you know who you are, it was awesome.



“Hey, how do you like this snow?”

“Dude I love it, I’m filming it right now!”